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Meet the Doctors



It's easy to understand how chiropractic care can have such a positive impact on so many different conditions. Because the nervous system controls and coordinates all the different functions of your body, any disruption in nerve communication to your organs and body tissues will result in abnormal function! 


The chiropractors at Below Chiropractic Clinic help restore normal nerve function and communication, thereby allowing your body to work normally and naturally. Check out the Doctor Profiles above by clicking on each doctor's tab to find out more information about who they are and what type care they offer!

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Dr. Stephen Below


Dr. Stephen L. Below, D.C


Dr. Below graduated from Cullman High School in 1974 and went on to complete his prerequisite courses of study at Cullman College, University of Alabama, and Spartanburg Methodist College. Dr. Below established his chiropractic doctorate through attendance at Life Chiropractic College in 1984.


Specializations and Techniques:

Dr. Below practices using a method of treatment and philosophy called, "Straight Chiropractic."  Dr. Below realizes the body has the power to heal itself of pain and sickness when the nervous system isn't compromised by vertebral subluxation. He practices traditional, hands-on based, chiropractic techniques.



Dr. Stephen Below is a fourth generation chiropractor and has maintained a private practice in Central Alabama for over 25 years. In addition to his chiropractic profession, Dr. Below created the nationwide network, Preferred Chiropractic Doctor (PCD), and has helped thousands of families with limited or no insurance to receive more affordable chiropractic care.  Dr. Below is also a national keynote speaker for chiropractic seminars, corporate events, and sporting events. He recently published his first book, Pigskin Dreams, and utilizes that platform to reach out to groups of athletes and school systems by speaking to them about the foundations of character for health, success, and happiness. He currently resides in Clanton, Alabama with his wife and has four grown children.


Dr. Rana Watson


Dr. Rana Watson, BS, DC


Dr. Watson established her chiropractic doctorate through attendance at Life Chiropractic University in Marietta, Georgia and also Cleveland Chiropractic in Kansas City, Missouri, where she received a four-year Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts. Dr. Watson has completed the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (Exams I-IV), is a certified *SpiderTech Therapist, and has completed OSHA's Ergonomics for General Industry. Dr. Watson currently holds a license to practice in both Alabama and Georgia, practicing in Alabama since 2008.


Specializations and Techniques:

Dr. Watson has been under chiropractic care her entire life, which has established a foundation for promoting prevention, health, and wellness! Her specializations include spinal and extremity chiropractic care, postural evaluations, ergonomics, sports injuries, and personal injury. The techniques she uses include the Diversified, CBP, Toggle, Thompson Drop Table, as well as Instrument adjustments. Dr. Watson also offers dietary education and evaluations by appointment, as well as supplements for ideal health.



Dr. Watson is married to a Master Electrician for eight years, has one son and three dogs. Her hobbies inlcude attending seminars, cycling, mountain biking, lifting weights, motorcycle riding, and spending time with family. 


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